Ariana Grande Nails

Ariana Grande Nails: Introduction

Many women value having flawless nails with a perfect manicure, and singer Ariana Grande is no exception. In all of her public appearances, formal and casual, she prefers classic, natural, and stylish nail art. Although, for special occasions, she has demonstrated a willingness to wear innovative designs (Ariana Grande Nails).

Her engagement ring naturally drew attention to her hands after Pete Davidson proposed. She has also begun to get subtle tattoos on her fingers and chooses complementary tones for her nails accordingly; pastel tones such as lavender or with a traditional French manicure on XL nails.

Her mystery? Natalie Minerva, the founder of Nail Swag, is in charge of the famous singer’s manicure and says that using Gel-X extensions instead of acrylics is the key to her beautiful and healthy nails.

Completely white: Ariana Grande Nails

The 7 Rings singer frequently wears smooth, classy, and elegantly shaped nails in public. The total white nail style is one of her top ten favourite manicures because it can be worn with a variety of outfits.

A pale pink

This light pink nail style stands out on her rounded, medium-length nails and is described as feminine, elegant, and romantic.

Traditional French

 French manicure never goes out of style and is unquestionably one of the most popular styles for women of all ages. The key to this look is to keep the nail as natural as possible, regardless of length.

Manicure with lavender

The singer avoids complicated and saturated nail designs in favour of a variety of neutral shades, with a particular fondness for lavender, a colour that is flattering on any skin tone.

A deep red

Because of their prominence, the singer’s hands are frequently the focus of attention. She has recognised the significance of having a beautiful manicure since the beginning of her career. Classic shades like red are a safe bet when your nails are natural and short.

Ariana Grande Nails
Class of Ariana Grande Nails

Channel of Nail Arts

Only on a few occasions does the artist choose a more elaborate motif for her nails, and she leaves the design to Natalie Minerva. She wore a design inspired by the Chanel logo during one of her appearances on Amazon Music Unboxing Prime Day. The style quickly became popular among Nail Swag customers.

Cow Fashion

Ariana enjoys being spontaneous as well, opting for fashionable, trendy designs. She has proudly displayed her cow print nails on social media several times (Ariana Grande Nails).

The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel

Ariana Grande’s nails were a canvas for art and fashion during the MET Gala 2018, thanks to Natalie Minerva’s Sistine Chapel design. They complemented her Vera Wang gown, which was also inspired by Michelangelo’s work. It was a look that caused quite a stir.


The actress also enjoys wearing manicures that contrast with her outfits; for example, if she wears a dark outfit, she prefers light shades on her nails, and vice versa. This black nail style is an example of that, standing out against the luxurious lilac fabric of her dress.

What is her mystery?

Regardless of the style of manicure she wears, her hands always look sophisticated and healthy, and her famous manicurist claims the secret is to use gel instead of acrylic, with an Aprés Gel-X nail extension system that can extend the length without damaging the natural nails.

Gel extensions are recommended for people who have weak nails or who change their designs frequently, such as Ariana Grande.

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