Marceline The Vampire Queen

Marceline The Vampire Queen: Introduction

Marceline The Vampire Queen the full title is Marceline the Vampire Queen is one of the main characters in the animated cartoon network television series that is Adventure time and also the main protagonist of the miniseries stakes. The adventure time is created by Pendleton ward.  The character is voiced by the Olivia Olson in most of the appearance, as a child Marceline character was voiced by Ava acres, and as an older woman it was voiced by Cloris Leachman.

Marceline is a very fun-loving vampire queen of 1000 year old as well as a musician please and electric bass that Marceline made from her family Heirloom battle axe. Pendleton Ward created the artistic design for the Marceline with various small changes and addition added by the Phil Rynda, who is the former lead character and prop designer for the Adventure Time.

Unlike the traditional vampires, Marceline does not need to drink any blood to survive; Instead of that she consumes the red colour or other similar colour tint. Marceline is also a great musician who plays an electric bass guitar which she crafted from her own family heirloom battle axe. As of the come along with me, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have continued their romantic relationship, and is recently a Bonnibel’s girlfriend again.

Marceline The Vampire Queen:  characteristics

Marceline The Vampire Queen is a half demon and half human, and later on she turned into a half vampire and half demon after being bitten, and she is an eponymous vampire queen, after having killed the previous vampire king many years before to the start of the show. Although Marceline is 1000-year-old vampire queen, she takes on the physical appearance of a teenager.

Marceline The Vampire Queen
Class of Marceline The Vampire Queen

Unlike the other traditional western vampires, Marceline subsists not off blood but instead of that she consumes the colour red which includes the low-grade shades such as pink. Since Marceline is only sated by the colour itself and blood is appealing simply due to its saturation, although Ward noted on his form spring that she also drinks blood sometimes. When Marceline is deprived of red, she entered into a very feral state and will instinctively tried to kill others and drink their blood. Unlike the other traditional western vampires, she is vulnerable to sunlight and is also capable of turning into a bat of different sizes.

Physical Appearance

Talking about Marceline physical appearance she has a light blue grey skin, and crooked fangs, and long and midnight black hair that reaches to her feet. She is also having sports two mark on her neck, which is the mark of the bite that make her turn into a vampire. Her tongue is sometime got bifurcated, like a snake’s tongue, but other time it’s look like a normal human being tongue. This may stem from her shape shifting powers that is allowing her to change its appearance as she wants to.

Marceline The Vampire Queen main outfit feature the dark grey Tank top, red boots, and dark blue pants. Marceline wear various outfit in most of her episode’s appearance. For example, like in Henchman she wears a dark Violet strapless dress with a dull pink sash shade, and lilac purple stockings with a dark purple strip with pink heels.

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