Toka Takanashi

Anime are well renowned all around the globe for the excellent storytelling cues with addition to the spectacular journey of the main characters in context to their characterization and gradual progression of characters. The main characters have good supportive side characters who may go unnoticed but they play their role perfectly but the popularity of them is very minimal due to such abrupt appearances throughout the anime and the importance of their role in the storyline but yet they are recognised for good supporting role. One such character is Toka Takanashi and we will now get to know about her in more details (Toka Takanashi).


Toka Takanashi is a fictional character from the anime Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!. She is the elder sister of Rikka Takanashi, who happens to be the female protagonist character of this anime.  Toka is much older than her sister who is between 25-28 years old and was really aggressive by nature. She appeared for very few portions of episodes in the anime as she was just playing the sister character for Rikka, who happens to shift herself into her room as her love interest lived one floor below the same apartment.


Toka and her sister Rikka Takanashi both were living  far from their parents as Toka was a 25 year old Chief in a restaurant whereas Rikka shifted herself to her room as part of getting close to Yuuta, who lives one floor below Toka’s room. Although Toka is seen as an older sister who always minds her own business without interfering in others work, she happens to warn and guide her sister. The character of Toka was voiced by Eri Sandai in Japanese and in English by Genevieve Simmons. Toka appeared for the first time in the anime in Episode 2 as she was introduced as sister Rikka Takanashi.


Toka Takanashi was very matured, 25 year old self independent woman hence her appearance was also very mature and elderly. She usd to appear with balck t shirt and light toned jeans such as white, cream and light grey. She has long hair black hair and beautiful face but her grim face usually didn’t attracted much of attention from the boys in the anime.

Toka Takanashi
Beautiful Toka Takanashi

Toka had very attractive red eyes and her face cut was usually with small features of nose and lips, which made her look very beautiful but not enough as she was introverted as well as a strict person to be approached.


Toka is a very mature, smart and strict independent woman from the anime   Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!. She is very aggressive by nature as she doesn’t like funky things like normal teenagers as she is much older than them and is already in her 25s, hence she is not so easy to take a girl. She is hardworking chef in a local restaurant hence she appears very less in the anime but whenever she is seen on the screen, she is always scolding or lecturing her little sister Rikka who happens to attract Yuuta, who in return lives in the same apartment of Toka but the lower floor.

Toka is strict with her sister Rikka, but has a soft corner on her due to the affections between the siblings and moreover, they both live far from home as their parents are not so in good mood with them. Toka doesn’t want her sister Rikka to know about all these, hence she doesn’t want to hurt her by telling these things to her.


Toka Takanashi is not quite the famous character as she is not the main character as well as there is no scope to her character in the storyline. She is very strict but caring moreover there is no proper amount of screen time in the anime for her which lacks the attention required to be with her. Toka is seen usually in the early mornings and late nights coming from restaurants and working all day, hence she was a rather hard working sister of Rikka but nothing much more than that.

She had her role in the anime which was lecture and scold Rikka for anything she does mischievous but otherwise there is not much things happening around her or anything that is relatable to the storyline. But she does have a good amount of respect earned in the last episodes of the anime, as she shows that she is not only rude and strict but really caring and loving. 

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