Circle Skirts

Like the name suggests, circle skirts do look like a circle when laid out flat on the floor. They also have a small opening at the waist. These skirts got incredibly popular in the 50s and till date are being rocked and flaunted by many women. Although circle skirts are not seen worn by young women, every once in a while women with circle skirts are spotted on the streets.

Vintage Look With A Blue Circle Skirts

Who does not want to look vintage occasionally? One can not create a vintage with the current wardrobe that they have. A lot of them are of the current trends and fast fashion. A circle skirt is a timeless piece. No doubt about that. Wear a patterned blue midi circle skirt with a crisp white shirt with collar and long sleeves. To add that vintage flavour, wear a hat on top of your head. Mostly of the beret kind. They look wonderful with circle skirts. To add a bit of color to the shirt, try opting for a red patterned scarf and carefully tie it under the collar so that it looks neat. Also wear black ballerina shoes with knee high black socks to complete the outfit.

Circle Skirts For Everyday Office Look

It is no rule that any woman needs to restrict themselves to pencil skirts for office. Any clothing if worn correctly can be everyday office wear worthy. Pair a grey circle skirt with no huge patterns with a white or a rosy pink blouse. Make sure the blouse has sleeves of elbow length. Get a belt of the color brown or tan and add it at your waist. This not only accentuates your waist but also balances out the whole outfit. Now as for handbag, choose the color black and do not use tote bags for office wear. It is not appropriate and obviously does not look flattering at all. Wear some shoes that do not expose the toes and have a little heel at the back of the shoe in the color of your shirt. If you did not find anything in that color, it is always good to have a pair of shoes in your skin tone.

Casual Fashion With A Plaid Red Circle Skirt

These skirts are not only vintage but can be worn as in everyday wear as well. Put together an outfit with red plaid button down midi circle skirt with a satin beige blouse of the neckline square. Make certain that the sleeves are of full length. Tuck the satin blouse in the skirt creating a look of a crop top. Since the skirt is red in color, go for ankle.

Circle Skirts
Class of Circle Skirts

Strap high heels in a bright red color. Also add on a little tan mini handbag or a bucket bag or your choice. Do not add too much jewelry. Mostly choose earrings rather than a necklace because the blouse’s neckline does not reveal much of the collarbone of yours.

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