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Some of the most recognisable celebrities today are YouTubers. These celebrities have found online recognition for some of the most bizarre things, from disputes to memes. As many of us grew up with them, they are also adored by millions of people, including both children and adults. The YouTubers on this list are not all still active. In fact, some of them essentially faced YouTube bans. Nonetheless, despite the fact that their impact on the platform and the many millions of viewers was negative, they still merit praise. Despite the numerous issues that have shadowed them, the majority of these YouTubers have found themselves becoming memes, and they have created a lasting legacy through them. And other people are much more endearing and have been for a long time. Nonetheless, all of these YouTubers are incredibly well-known and prominent, so we’ve compiled a list of their most interesting fun facts to serve as a reminder of all the YouTuber trivia you don’t actually need to know but still find interesting. Some of our favourite facts about some of the most popular YouTubers and their memes are included below.

Cr1TiKaL: YouTuber Meme

Online commentary YouTuber Cr1TiKaL is well-known for his use of sardonic humour and tons and tons of profanity in his productions. For years, Cr1TiKaL’s has added “Gameplay and Commentary” at the end of the titles of his video game reviews and “This is the greatest X of All Time” to the descriptions of his videos. He has more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers as of January 2016. One of the YouTubers with the fastest growth, Cr1TiKaL recently gained notoriety for small disputes and challenges with other YouTubers like Belle Delphine and Nikocado Avocado. His content covers nearly every subject imaginable. He used to conceal his identity, but he is now outspoken, his real name  is Charlie White and is from Tampa. His most famous MEME is “Woo yeah baby, that’s what I’ve been waiting for”

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Dream: YouTuber Meme

Dream is a popular Minecraft content creator on YouTube and Twitch in the United States. Dream uploaded films centred on the game Minecraft in 2019 and 2020, which greatly increased his or her popularity. He is best known for his Minecraft speedruns and the YouTube series Minecraft Manhunt. His Dream SMP Minecraft server’s content has also garnered a lot of attention. Those who enjoy watching Dream’s Minecraft movies are fast becoming subscribers. He is well-known for his distinctive “mask,” which he imitates in his Minecraft persona. He has a younger following than the majority of gaming YouTubers and is frequently shown in memes, including ones that speculate about his identity and those that reference speedrun cheating charges from October 2020.


This YouTuber is highly recognised for creating comedy sketches and gameplay videos.  More than 100 million people have watched the playthrough video by Markiplier. In addition, he runs a clothes business and is a podcast host and filmmaker. Check out his YouTube account if you like good entertainment. Mark Edward Fischbach is Markiplier’s real name. His brother Tom is also well-known for creating the webcomic “TwoKinds,” which might have a furry focus. Markiplier mostly focuses on gaming on YouTube, but he also offers commentary and tends to get viewers from the same demographic as PewDiePie. His famous memes include “It’s Big Brain Time,” “I Can Milk You,” and a lot of other photoshopped memes.

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